Getting Involved

Brightway Childcare provides ongoing guidance and supervision on all Educators; each Educator will deliver the care and education for your child in a unique way. Brightway Childcare will gather as much information as necessary during our first meeting with parents to ensure that each child is placed with an Educator that is suitable to the parents and child’s needs and requirements. Brightway Childcare will then forward information about the families’ requirements to Educators that we consider to be suitable.  Families are then invited to meet with potential Educators before committing to a decision.

Parents are encouraged to give as much information to Educators in order to ensure a smooth transition from home to our service. Information such as daily routines, child’s interest’s and ways the child likes to be comforted. Parents are expected to discuss their child’s progress and any concerns with their child’s Educator and/or Brightway Childcare’s Co-ordinator and management. Children may need some time to settle into their new environment so parents are expected to spend time settling in with their child/children. Brightway Childcare will provide meetings and some training which parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Parents are encouraged to discuss their child’s emerging strengths and interests with their Educator and are also encouraged to read their child’s individual portfolio/learning journal.