Brightway Childcare does not charge a fee for its service.
Educators’ fees are determined by each Educator with advice and suggestions by Brightway Childcare.
The estimated hourly fee per child is around $5.00 – $7.00 not including the subsidy.


  1. Parents must confirm the daily care starting and end times accordingly.
  2. Parents may be charged a holding Fee of $2.00 per enrolled hour while the child is on holiday.
  3. Holidays taken are for the full weekly enrolled hours but must be no more than 3 consecutive weeks.
  4. Parents agree to pay for absences if their child is away.
  5. Parents will pay 62c per kilometre directly to their Educator if she/he has to deliver or collect from
  6. Parents agree to advise Brightway immediately of any changes of enrolment arrangements.
  7. Parents must give 2 weeks’ notice to both Educator and Co-ordinator if they will be finishing with the service.
  8. Parents are required to pay full fees if they give notice to leave the service for the notice period.
  9. Educators must also give two weeks’ notice to Parents when terminating care.
  10. Parents agree to pay the fees weekly as set out by Brightway.
  11. Fees for casual and different hours each week, are charged 50 cents per hour on top of the normal fees.
  12. Parents agree to pay an Annual Administration Fee of $25 on enrolment and then again on a yearly basis. This fee can be waived at the discretion of Brightway.
  13. Parents agree that if a debt remains unpaid the debt will be sent to a Debt Collection Agency for recovery and they will be liable for collection and legal costs as well as the outstanding amount.
  14. Parents agree to pay $10.00 penalty per month if their account is in arrears of 1 month or more.
  15. Parents agree that Brightway may make credit checks before care commences or if fees are outstanding.
  16. Parents agree with the Brightway Terms of Trade which are reviewed when and as needed or required.
  17. Parents are aware that care may be suspended for three weeks without notice if terms of trade are not adhered to, and a holding fee for those three weeks will be charged for.
  18. Parents agree that on signing of enrolment this Parent Information Pack is also seen as the contract between Parents/Caregiver/Whanau and Brightway Childcare.