Welcome to Brightway childcare.

We are a privately owned and independent quality Home based child care and education service. We provide affordable and well-resourced childcare in the homes of our Educators or in the homes of the children enrolled in our service. Educators are supported by experienced, professional and qualified Co-ordinators who are currently registered with the New Zealand teachers’ council.

Brightway Childcare is dedicated and committed to supporting their Educators in providing an environment of endless learning opportunities for the children that are enrolled in their care. Brightway Childcare also supports all Educators with providing programmes that embody the principles of the New Zealand Early Childhood curriculum, Te Whāriki.
Brightway Childcare is committed to maintaining reciprocal relationships with our Educators, children and families. This can be seen through engaging Educators and families/whanau in reflective practices and individual program planning which reflects each child. We also believe in ongoing professional development for our Co-ordinators and Educators, ensuring that all the children in our programme are given the best possible care and education to support them on their journey of learning and discovery.

We believe that all children should be in a safe and nurturing environment where they are given the opportunity to be involved in their own learning through their discoveries, interests and play. We value and embrace the diversity of our clients and local and wider communities.
At Brightway Childcare all children will have an environment where they feel safe, valued and secure in order that they can build relationships with the people around them and develop a sense of worth and individuality. They will be supported in all aspects of their learning and developing, including, but not isolated to, becoming independent and confident learners who value the cultural diversity of our local communities and the world around them. They will develop a sense of worth and individuality. They will be provided with opportunities to be creative, expressive and develop the self-help skills that will assist in enabling them to become confident and capable individuals.

Come talk to us and join us today for the best possible start to your child’s life!